Throwback to the 2nd round of the season!

Friday morning were weather conditions as kind of remain of opening round in Hradec Kralove two weeks ago. Fortunately things turned the right way and the sun was up all three days for 80 racers from 5 different countries above the Race Arena Valtice during 2nd round of MSCC.

The race track was completely different compare to the one in Hradec Kralove as riders had to face sharp corners and huge amount of waves, showed up their ability at technical sections, keep concentrated during fast split and missing a buoy on the course meant unpleasant penalisation. No mistakes were forgiven. On the other side, we were able to see the most dramatic fights for the positions through all categories so far this season!

Women class was dominated by World Champion Aneta Šacherova, who made admirable performance and ensured herself first position ahead of her rivals in both finals. Klára Sitarová claimed fabulous pace and brought home well deserved 2nd place through both finals for MSR Engines Team. Third most successful women became Valentina Novotná presenting tight fights in the finals with 4th Eliska Charousova. The Top 5 was completed by Alfa Racing’s Aneta Stloukalová.

After the heats everyone expected dramatic action in PRO class but not as dramatic as the riders of World Championship showed up in the finals. Incredible fights, boards to boards, Heinik, Záhorský, Stratil and Kornfeil baked it every single lap! Unfortunately the luck wasn’t on Kornfeil’s side this weekend as it got out of his hands and suffered two crashes in Final 2 resulting in 5th overally. Unexpected crash occured also to Lukas Zahorsky’s race in F1 but speaking of the devil he hang in there and began his chase ride finishing 2nd and taking the victory in F2 after beautiful & breathtaking overtakes with Pavel Heinik – winner of F1. 

Pevel Heinik came to Valtice extra motivated  –  representing Valtice based Brutal Guys Team as well as his team mate – PRO Class Rookie David Novotny looking for Top 5 finish.

Bronislav Stratil followed two fastest guys whole weekend and after all ensured himself beautiful 3rd place. The final Top 3 PROs of MSCC Valtice after the breathtaking drama are: Zahorsky 1st, Heinik 2nd and Stratil taking 3rd.

Juniors are not forgetted at all – young guns are improving themselves every single time and so as it was this time in both Girls & Boys classes. Eliška Matoušková from MP Sport sovereignly rolled over her colleagues Barbora Šulová and slovakian Zara Petrasova. Just a 9 years old Christina Müller has debuted her first race ever and we dare to say this little lady took all hearts of MSCC. Another debut showed up the youngest racer of MSCC Valtice – 8 years old Ivo Kalik. 

Junior boys were fighting dramaticaly and after all Stanislav Kovar took the victory ahead of home based favourite Alex Lukscheider and 3rd placed fighted this time Matyas Novotny.

MotoSurf Electic Challenge class showed up for the second time with its head to head format race where 4 racers got the chance to the fight for the podium. Most successful was in the end JetSurf founder Martin Šula fighting for the victory with young talent Matěj Kožíšek finishing 2nd. 3rd place goes to Jakub Kornfeil and 4th most successful racer on electric boards was Fabian Küsche representing JetSurf Club Germany. 

Second stop of the season taking place in marvelous Racing arena Valtice was a blast! Let’s see the action of 3rd round of MSCC in Lučenec, Slovakia next week! Who will perform the best and get crowned over there?