Lhota Lake closes the MSCC 2020 action

UIM MotoSurf Europe season final round stopped at a wonderful place of the lake close Prague called Jezero Lhota. Beautiful water surface surrounded by beach welcomed motosurf racing for the first time. Over sixty riders came to fight for the final available points. This time, weather conditions were incredibly though but the racers didn’t hesitate to compete among the buoys.

In the qualifyings, Master class saw a clear dominance of Jakub Kornfeil. JetSurf Factory rider stormed the field from Nikolas Blaha and Croatian Dejan Svirac. The championship leader Lukáš Záhorský finished right behind in 4th.

MSR Engines Racing’s Klára Sitarová topped the women class standings in front of two Anetas – Šacherová and Stloukalová. In Challenger, young speedster Jakub Kozon marked the fastest laptime and grabbed maiden pole for JetSurf HK squad. Rookies category is always super tight and this time, Alex Lukscheider kicked off his title chase in the best way in front of his main rival Matyáš Novotný. The Juniors class saw usual scenario with Eliška Matoušková on top.

Saturday programme was delayed until noon time because of the heavy rain and cold temperature. However, the action resumed in the afternoon and riders concluded two heats. Kornfeil went fastest in the master in front of superb Dejan Svirac. Aneta Šacherová claimed top spot in the women class and Michal Jordan made a fantastic progress to lead the Challengers.

Very close battles between Lukscheider and Novotný ended up better for Alex Lukscheider finishing tide on points with his rival. The same situation occured in Juniors between Matoušková and Linda Lukscheider – younger sister of Alex.

Electric Challenge is inseparabe part of motosurf racing and Dan Provaznik scored pole position in fully electric powered crafts competition.

Just before the finals, crowd witnessed a stunning performance of the UIM Aquabike Freestyle second vice champion Jaroslav Tirner – incredible stuff!

And so the action resumed, Kornfeil was unstoppable and completed a perfect weekend with two victories in the finals. Lukáš Záhorský didnt need to worry about his another championship in second place and became the new 2020 champion. Bronislav Stratil made it to third consecutive podium of the season.

In the women class, what a battle that was. Young talent Aneta Stloukalová showed amazing speed and clever tactics to control the first finals and gained the first final victory. Aneta Šacherová finished second but retook the winning torch. In the second finals, positions changed as Eliška Charousová and Klára Sitarová stepped into the mix. Finished second and third respectively, moved Stloukalová to 4th. Šacherová won, Stloukalová collected enough points to take the second spot and Eliška Charousová could celebrate the third spot.

Challengers came to a close with numerous contenders trying to get the podium finish. Eventually, It was finally Matěj Surkoš who scored his premiere victory in front of other podium debutants – Jakub Kozon and Lukas Bobal.

Rookies rivals Lukscheider and Novotny kept the battle on until the last moment. Until a tight moment on joker buoy return, Novotny decided for his glory from Lukscheider and Kozon. A victory meant a European title glory for JetSurf HK’s rider Novotny, from Stanislav Kovar in 2nd and Alex Lukscheider in 3rd.

In Juniors, Eliška Matoušková extended her 1st place trophies collection for one more victory. Coming back to racing, Linda Lukscheider finished 2nd and Sára Volfová 3rd.

And it’s not over yet, Electric Challenge continued with Round of 8 and Round of 4. Two Electric Challenger riders proved masive improvement – Jaroslav Brousil went really strong and Michal Skocek even progressed to the Round of 4. In the Round of 4, Alain Coppens found way to 3rd. Battle for victory was about Ivan Matoušek and Dan Provaznik, who eventually went faster than his MP Sports Team rival and finished victorious.

That was the UIM MotoSurf Europe 2020 and we cannot wait to see you again in 2021!