Current standings after round 3

UIM MotoSurf Europe standings after round 3


UIM MotoSurf Europe has concluded the third round of the championship in Lučenec, Slovakia. After 3 rounds, Aneta Sacherova leads the way in the women class from Eliska Charousova, who just scored her premiere victory, and Klara Sitarova.

Petr Provaznik leads the way in Challenger Class in front of Radek Tomasek and Petr Danek. Master are dominated by reigning world champion Lukas Zahorsky but it seems it is not over yet as Nikolas Blaha (2nd), Bronislav Stratil (3rd) and Pavel Heinik (4th), are still very close in the standings.

Rookies are always the race to watch and so it will be in the season remainder. Just 6 points separate the top three of Alex Lukscheider, Stanislav Kovar and Matyas Novotny. 

Eliska Matouskova storms the Juniors class in front of two Slovakian representatives Zara Petrasova and Zara Kubincova. 

Last but not least, 40 + Class sees Petr Danek on top chased by Jan Cervenka and Frantisek Novotny.