Round 2 – Battle in Valtice ready to commence

Cloudless skies and warm temperatures are predicted ahead of the second race of the MotoSurf Continental Cup taking place in lovely South Moravian region – race arena Valtice.

Spectators can expect breathtaking fights in both Ladies & PRO Class category, which is as competitive balanced as never ever before.
Juniors will show up their abitious during three-day event and bring the action to the lake and last but not least, we have a strong and competitive line-up in Hobby class too.

Alongside we look forward to welcome an enviromentaly friendly class – Electric Challenge Class full of speed and brand new opportunities.

After the inclement weather and damp track conditions during first round of MSCC in Hradec Kralove, all the riders made amazing job in though conditions.

Aneta Šacherová has led the Women Class since the opening round in Hradec Kralove two weeks ago and Lukas Záhorsky showed up his incredible pace taking another well deserved victory.

Sun, water, fuel, racing & fun – this is the weekend prediction ahead of 2nd race of MSCC in Valtice!